27 June 2008

Temenos 2008

Lyssaraia, Arcadia, Greece
27-29 June 2008

The premiere of Orders III, IV and V of Gregory J. Markopoulos' final and culminating film, ENIAIOS, will take place at the Temenos site, near Lyssaraia in Arcadia on 27-29 June 2008.

Temenos 2004

Orders I and II of ENIAIOS were unveiled at the same site in 2004 to an awed and enthusiastic audience who traveled from Europe and North America especially for the event. Gregory J. Markopoulos (1928–1992) was one of the few filmmakers to form every aspect of his films from production through to presentation. His concept of the Temenos grew out of a need to create a viewing space uniquely in harmony with the film image as a philosophical and psychological revelation. It also grew out of the wish to create a deeply personal and rewarding cinematic experience for the spectators of ENIAIOS, his final 80 hour film.

Markopoulos was convinced that his choice of the remote location near Lyssaraia is an essential element in preparing for the viewing of ENIAIOS. The spectators’ journey, whether from Athens or from abroad, to Loutra and the Temenos site, focuses his or her anticipation of the more extraordinary journey that takes place in front of the projected image over the three evenings. The serene pace of ENIAIOS allows for a gradual development to carry the viewer to a distinct perception of his or her own emotions in dialogue with the filmmaker’s concentrated, fleeting images. The projection event creates what Markopoulos called "the intuition space."

Temenos site in the 1980s

In addition to the journey, the natural beauty of the actual site is integral to the experience. Beginning with the setting of the sun, each screening is seen for three hours, from circa 10pm till 1am under the movements of the heavens. It is an offering. Therefore, the Temenos screenings are presented without charging admission. Each of the Orders is an autonomous part of ENIAIOS: it is not necessary to have seen Orders I and II in 2004 to appreciate the power of III, IV and V this year.

A small buffet will be served in the main square of Lyssaraia on June 26th, the evening before the first screening.

Lodgings must be confirmed in advance (by May 10th) either for the limited number of hotel rooms in the area or for the campsite near the screening area. Requests for reservations should be made by email to mail@the-temenos.org. You will be answered with a definitive offer for lodgings and other details.

The premiere of ENIAIOS III-V is dedicated to Markopoulos' vision. The three evenings at the Temenos site provide a unique opportunity to view his work in a pristine atmosphere and with a freedom of seeing.

Markopoulos and Beavers, 1980s

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For further information visit the Temenos website. To receive email updates on Temenos 2008, subscribe to the Temenos Google Group.

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Anonymous Susan S. said...

This looks like such a beautiful setting! I would love to visit here! It would be like spending a day in paradise...

Susan Steele
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