07 December 2006

Expanded Cinema: Space/Time/Structure

Stuttgart Württembergischer Kunstverein
7-10 December 2006

A four-day symposium of performances, screenings, workshops and discussions on the theme of EXPANDED CINEMA.

Bowed Film (Tony Conrad, 1974)

EXPANDED CINEMA is an unfixed mode of film presentation, encompassing multiple projection, live performances and film environments. In contrast to installation, each individual projection is a unique and finite durational experience. Works are structured to incorporate temporal drifts and spatial variations, and performances often depend on the presence and active participation of the artist.

EXPANDED CINEMA deconstructs and subverts the standard conditions of cinema to break down the relationship between film and viewer, liberating the mechanics of cinema from the hidden space of the projection booth and placing them amongst the audience.

In resisting documentation and recreation, EXPANDED CINEMA is a dynamic, live art which can only be experienced in the here and now.

The event presents around 30 works by 20 international artists, among them early expanded works from the sixties and seventies, as well as recent works by a younger generation of artists.

GUEST ARTISTS: Tony Conrad, Bruce McClure, Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, William Raban

FILMS: Yann Beauvais, Carl Brown, Gill Eatherley, Morgan Fisher, Ken Jacobs, Malcolm Le Grice, Rose Lowder, Anthony McCall, Hans Michaud, Robert Morris, Werner Nekes, Sally Potter, Joost Rekveld, Lis Rhodes, Ernst Schmidt Jr., Paul Sharits, Michael Snow

CURATOR: Mark Webber

In addition to the live performances and screenings each evening, the symposium features lectures, workshops and discussions led by the artists and guest speakers.

On Friday 8 December, there will be a particular focus on the problems of documentation and recreation of EXPANDED CINEMA, addressing issues relating to the conservation, presentation and study of this filmic performance art for the future.

Throughout the symposium, video documentation of previous EXPANDED CINEMA performances and screenings (among others ca. 40 performances at hartware medien kunst verein in Dortmund, 2004) will be available for viewing in the study area during gallery opening hours.


Contact: Katrin Mundt

05 December 2006


University College London
5-6 December 2006

Research Spaces 3: TOPOS
The Moving Image between Art and Architecture

This two-day symposium of papers, films and panel discussions is the third in a series of yearly interdisciplinary student-run events, organised by the Slade School of Fine Art and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Broadly concerned with the determination of subjectivity within artist film and architectural practices, this event aims to address a range of topics from articulation of identity to occupation of space, to film as a spatial construct. While we are concerned with how the moving image is utilized in research practices across the disciplines of art and architecture, these investigations are held in an unresolved balance.

Esther Leslie, Jan Verwoert, Nic Clear, Duncan Cook, Emilia Serra, Zoe Chatziyannaki, Aris Prodromidis, Lynn Marie Kirby, Soranart Sinuraibhan, Gil Doron, Mark Edwards, Ken Wilder, Marina Vishmidt

Steven Ball, Natalie Bookchin, Nick Cope & Tim Howle, Thomas Comerford, David Crawford, Louisa Fairclough, Alex Haw, Joe King, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Lily Markiewicz, Sini Pelkki, Malin Stahl, Samuel Stevens, Maija Timonen, Sotiris Varsamis

Nic Clear & Unit 15

Full schedule, and information on papers, screenings and contributors :-


Woburn Square Studios
UCL, Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0AB
Nearest Tube: Russell Square / Goodge Street / Euston Square

FREE Admission. Please register, as space is limited.
Email: topos.event@googlemail.com

01 December 2006

Swiss Video

London Tate Modern
1-3 December 2006

For the past decade video has played a prominent role in Switzerland’s vibrant contemporary art scene. These three screenings survey highlights in the history of Swiss moving image practice, including pioneering works by Roman Signer, Dieter Roth, John Armleder and Pipilotti Rist, as well as recent work by Vidya Gastaldon, Christoph Draeger and Olaf Breuning.

Curated by Michel Ritter and Nicolas Trembley.

Actions (Roman Signer, 1998)

Friday 1 December 2006, at 7pm

This survey includes work by Swiss artists who began experimenting in film and video field early on, the men and women who took up films and video when it was a new practice for artists.

René Bauermeister, Point Zéro, 1971, 4 min
Jean Otth, Perturbation II: Strip Tease TV, 1972, 14.18 min
John Armleder, Performance piece, 1970, 6 min
Urs Lüthi, Morir d’Amor, 1974, 7 min
Dieter Roth. DOTS, 1956/1962, 3 min
Dieter Meier, Bostich, 1984, 3.40 min
Walter Pfeiffer, The Plaza, 1989 / 2001, 5 min
Roman Signer. Actions, 1998, 3 min

Saturday 2 December 2006, at 3pm

This programme covers work by artists of a generation that not only made videos but promoted, packaged and distributed them as well. Addressing a new social and political environment generated by globalisation, these pieces critically re-evaluate concepts such as feminism, gender, consumerism and political engagement.

Pipilotti Rist, I’m not the Girl who Misses Much, 1986, 5 min
Sylvie Fleury, Beauty Case, 1995, 4.30 min
Ugo Rondinone, Cigarettesandwich (extrait), 2001, 4 min
Christian Marclay. Telephones, 1997, 7 min
Thomas Hirschhorn, Les Monstres, 1993, 6.38 min
Gianni Motti, Police in concerto, 2004, 4 min
Christoph Draeger. If you lived here you would be dead now, 2003, 3 min
Daniel Pflumm. NYC Loops (extracts), 1997

Sunday 3 December 2006, at 3pm

The third and final screening of the Swiss video survey presents the work of young, emerging artists born in the 1960s and 1970s.

Alexia Walther, Totentanz, 2004, 5 min
Shahryar Nashat, Optimism, 2003, 10 min
Vidya Gastaldon, Bright Vador, 2004, 4 min
Pirmin Blum, Performing a state of liberty, 2001, 1 min
Emmanuelle Antille, Wouldn’t it be nice, 1999, 13 min
Olaf Breuning, First, 2003, 8 min
Vittorio Santoro, The Radio, 2004, 3 min
Marco Poloni, Mister Locke, 2002, 2 min
Jean-Damien Fleury, Task Force Training #7, 1999–2003


Starr Auditorium
Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG
Nearest Tube: Southwark / London Bridge / Blackfriars

Tickets: £5, booking recommended
Box Office: 020 7887 8888