11 July 2007


As you might have noticed, the Secret Cinema blog has been 'temporarily' mothballed. This has happened for two reasons - firstly, it's quite time consuming to post the announcements here and by email, and I have been just too busy recently. More importantly though, the idea of the blog was to provide the possibility for people to post their reflections on and responses to the screenings that are listed. That hasn't happened, so the blog seems redundant.

The Secret Cinema email list will continue to send out announcements until further notice. To subscribe, please visit http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/secretcinema/

Thank you !


Blogger Steven Ball said...

At the risk of the irony of the only comment being a 'meta-comment', this is a problem that I have encountered with blogs where I have expected or hoped that people would leave comments. I think you have to actively encourage people to do so, initially at least. Also the nature of this blog is that it appears to be mostly a listings site, (its self-description is "Secret Cinema provides announcements of avant-garde & artists' film and video screenings in London.") thus not appearing to be something to which one might respond with a comment. Now this current post, which suggests that comments are welcomed, has received one!

22/8/07 8:30 AM  

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